"For six days, we sailed without sight of land. How Captain Kell knew the sea-lanes without sextant or spell-sight, I know not. He consulted no rutter nor read the stars. Nor did he sleep, not as I saw anyway – the old pirate raved and barked orders as of old, but with a new, black madness in his eye. Storms of elemental fury and spellplague crossed us but onward we travelled.

We sighted land on the morning of the seventh day: an island in the depths of the Trackless Sea, where none should be, according to the charts, surrounded by water clear as windows.We saw shapes moving beneath see-through waves, towering sea cliffs, and a shard of black glass thrusting baldly up from the trees.

O the darkness I have seen!”
- From the journal of Kalimsham of the Sorrowsworn pirates

Strange Storms

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