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The campaign will begin in the Nelanther Isles off the Sword Coast. The Nelanther Isles are a windswept and sparsely populated archipelago, famed for harbouring dens of pirates and other lowlifes. See the Forgotten Realms sourcebooks for more detail, though there may well be some deviation from canon…


As the game begins, all the characters are serving as guards on a merchant galleon, the Silver Snowbird, sailing from Athkatla in Amn to Ioma Town. The galleon is the property of the House of Ulmora, a noted merchant house, and is transporting grains and other foodstuffs to the mining community of Ioma Town, with a plan to return bearing the purple crystals that are mined on Ioma.

Character options

  • 1st level
  • All Forgotten Realms PH + standard PH + other Wizards-published options allowed (though let me know if you are using anything from sources other than the two above so I can look it up on the encyclopaedia thing on the Wizards website)
  • You need to choose a character background options from the Forgotten Realms Player’s Handbook for your character – the two most obvious choices are Amn and Nelanther Isles but all are allowed.
  • Please provide some idea of background for your character: a sentence is enough for now, though more if you have it is always welcome. You will also need a reason why your character is working on the Silver Snowbird.
  • I am happy for the characters to have simply met through working on the Silver Snowbird, but if people want to devise further connections between their characters that would also be cool.


Player Information

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